Coastal Crossing Update

Good afternoon Bayside Homeowners,

Carl M. Freeman Companies is pleased to report that we have received the required Federal Permits to complete Phase II of Coastal Crossing. We paused the work over 10 years ago, after identifying a bald eagle’s nest on the adjacent golf course property. Over the past several decades, the success of the eagle’s preservation has helped the population fully rebound to healthy and sustainable levels.

We waited longer than necessary to seek the US Fish & Wildlife permit to complete this work. To continue to offer additional protections, our work will take place during the non-nesting season.

Work on Coastal Crossing Phase II is scheduled to start this month and will continue until early December, at which time we will pause until July of next year when this nesting season is completed. We anticipate completing clearing on the front portions of the site as well as the construction of the road & right-of-way areas in preparation of utility construction next summer. We anticipate home construction to begin next year and will be completed in two years with a break in work outside the homes also for the nesting season.

We want to minimize inconveniences related to the work and look forward to working together in these efforts. Should you have any questions or concerns about the work – please contact us through

Thank you for choosing to live at Bayside.

Jeff Evans
Carl M. Freeman Companies

Download USFWS Permit