Greetings from Michelle Freeman, President and CEO, Carl M. Freeman Companies

Greetings from Michelle Freeman, President and CEO, Carl M. Freeman Companies


To all Bayside residents:

In his post-trial opinion last week, the Vice Chancellor confirmed that Bayside is a Master Planned Community governed by the Bayside Charter which provides for the transfer of the HOA Board of Directors by December 31, 2024 or until 90% sold.  It is important for all residents to remember that much of Bayside’s day-to-day operations are already managed by committees that are in the hands of homeowners.

The Carl M. Freeman Companies’ philosophy is to create remarkable Communities with extraordinary  lifestyles. We listen to our communities and, although we do not always agree, we appreciate working together to find solutions that enrich and elevate Bayside. That’s what makes us great partners.

For the 15 years I have led the company, we have enjoyed a cooperative relationship with Bayside residents, and we are committed to staying on course.  Bayside property prices remain solid, and we continue to be recognized nationally for our spectacular community and amenities – most recently our Health and Aquatic Club and Bayside Resort Golf Course and Clubhouse. These achievements are the result of hard work and our combined determination to make Bayside the most desirable community in Delaware.

We have all been through such a demanding, stressful year. It is time for a reset. Time to focus on enhancing our beautiful community, being kinder to others, and making plans for what promises to be a wonderful summer.

Everyone in Bayside benefits from healthy, respectful, constructive dialog, so let’s keep the conversation going.  From now on you will hear more from us, via email, the Welcome Center, social media, our website and even in person (now that we can safely see you face to face!)

I know there is no such thing as a ‘perfect company’, but every day we strive to deliver a great place to live. I encourage you to get involved in Bayside’s future. Serve on a committee, or volunteer. Bayside has exciting things in store, and we look forward to seeing what you, the residents, will make of them.  Just know this – I am so grateful you decided to make Bayside Home.

Michelle Freeman