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Dear Bayside Homeowner,

As we continue transitioning control of the Bayside Community Association, Inc. (HOA) Board of Directors to homeowners, we believe it’s important that you hear the developer’s perspective on the process. With our extensive experience in similar transitions across our previous communities, we aim to provide valuable insights to homeowners who may be unfamiliar with HOA involvement.

Under the guidance of HOA Attorney Chad Toms of Whiteford Taylor & Preston, the HOA Board of Directors has established a formal Transition Committee. This Transition Committee was vested with legal authority, decision-making autonomy, and the ability to negotiate on behalf of homeowners. The Committee has since entrusted the responsibility of leading the transition and negotiating with the developer to the two non-developer members of the Board of Directors.

Carl M. Freeman Companies continues to be committed to a timely, orderly, and effective transition that strengthens the long-term viability of our community. Our goal is to hand over control of the Board once we have reached the legal threshold for doing so, as stipulated in the Bayside Community Charter, which is set at 90% homeowner control or by December 31, 2024.

This transition process adheres to Delaware law and industry-recognized best practices recommended by the Community Associations Institute. It delegates all Board power related to the transition to the elected homeowner Board members and effectively eliminates the developer’s majority Board control over transition matters on behalf of the Association. We think this is the only way to move forward with this process.

To ensure transparency and open communication as we near the completion of our transition process, we will continue to post updates and announcements on the Bayside Founder website – BaysideFounder.com. This platform serves as a centralized hub for homeowners to access information, ask questions, and receive direct responses from the developer. We remain committed to providing comprehensive answers and updating the site regularly based on resident feedback.

We look forward to a successful completion and transition of our Bayside community.

Thank you for your continued support and collaboration.


Josh Mastrangelo
Senior Vice President
Carl M. Freeman Companies


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