Townhome Exterior Maintenance

Bayside Homeowners,

Today it was shared with the HOA board that Carl M Freeman Companies will contribute $200,000 to the Townhome exterior maintenance assessments. We continue to invest in our community so that it remains a wonderful place to live.

We did not feel like we had to do this; we wanted to! Curb appeal, the aesthetics, is one of the things we all love about Bayside. Our contribution is about maintaining that visual appeal.

This contribution will help relieve immediate financial pressure on the program so the right decisions can be made, not just for the future of the exterior maintenance programs, but to benefit all homeowners.

We saw a need here and wanted to alleviate it – so this master-planned community, one of our treasures, can keep looking and feeling like the beautiful retreat we designed it to be.

Townhome and duplex owners pay special exterior maintenance assessments annually. The program needs are evaluated on a regular basis, which directs the HOA decision about current homeowner assessments. These programs keep the properties looking consistent and gorgeous.

Live Bayside!
Michelle D. Freeman
Carl M. Freeman Companies