Listening Sessions 2022

Dear Bayside Homeowners,

Thank you to those of you who met with us on Monday (11/21).

We heard a lot of stories, feedback and ideas from you. Here is a short summary of our responses to the most common themes:


  1. Starting immediately, based on your preferences, we’ll send more frequent, focused email updates to all Bayside Homeowners who have opted into our email list. This is consistent with the survey results last year: more than 90% of Bayside Homeowners prefer email as the primary mode of communication.
  2. All our messages are published on as a reference. We are exploring ways to make the website easier for you to navigate.
  3. Submit your questions for the Founder anytime via the community forum.
  4. We learned about quite a few wonderful groups and activities! If you want to start a club or group at Bayside through the HOA, please contact Michael Bennett at [email protected] and he will assist you.

Food and Beverage, Amenities and the Club:

  1. We received a lot of specific feedback on the Club and will review with Troon management to address these issues. Brian and Kellie will share specific updates as they become available.
  2. We will also work with Troon to create an easier means for reporting facilities and maintenance issues at the Club to ensure they are addressed in a timely manner.
  3. Bayside is not alone in having our amenities short-staffed. The Carl M. Freeman Companies are pursuing multiple avenues to address needs for workforce housing, which we see as a major challenge to recruitment in the service industry – but any solutions to this problem will take time. We are increasing wage rates again in 2023 and remain aggressive in our recruitment efforts to ensure staffing levels yield the consistent operating hours and high-quality service you deserve at Bayside.

Transition Timeline:

  1. Per the Bayside Charter, the community will transition no later than December 31, 2024.
  2. At this time last year, it looked like the 90% threshold might be reached sooner – but in real estate, things change. We have to be flexible, and if the timeline is going to change, we will update you as soon as we know.
  3. When the transition happens, you will still be in good hands. The HOA is well-funded and well-organized, and motivated to keep the community in good shape.

Shared Costs:

  1. As we work to complete the Bayside Master Plan, including and updating the community’s Traffic Impact Study (TIS), contributions to the shared cost areas may also change.

Sense of Community at Bayside:

  1. In every session, we heard that Bayside Homeowners love this community and their neighbors. Even during the pandemic, you told us how you stayed connected and made friends that will last a lifetime. This sentiment was rewarding to hear because that is exactly what we hoped to deliver when we designed and programmed Bayside. There is always work to be done, but the fact that you care about the community and want to keep living here makes that effort well worthwhile.

One thing was abundantly clear during these sessions: The Founder’s interests are aligned with yours. We want Bayside to be a place where people live their best lives and enjoy the best-in-class amenities that the community offers.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving weekend.

Michelle Freeman, CEO, and James Milam, CFO
Carl M. Freeman Companies