The Point Land Parcel Update

Land Parcel (TMP: 533-19.00-304.00) Land Parcel at the Point area including the Nature Trail

The Founder will be deeding the parcel (TMP: 533-19.00-304.00) to become part of the overall land comprising the Bayside Resort Golf Club, and it will be incorporated into the adjacent conservation area lands. As a part of this effort the Founder will be removing the bridges and walkways on the parcel and this area will return to its natural state.

The Founder offered to complete the significant repairs and maintenance needed by the bridges on the Nature Trail prior to deeding the property to the homeowner’s association for its permanent ownership and use. At that time, the Homeowner Elected Board Members and the Grounds and Operations Committee Homeowner Members objected to taking ownership of this parcel due to concerns that the cost of maintaining the bridges and walkway along the Nature Trail and Boardwalk would be too high, given the damage that has been incurred historically, and that additional work was needed to make the Nature Trail a safe and accessible path for regular use.

As a result of those previous discussions, ownership of this parcel will be transferred to the Club and not the Bayside Community Association. Although it is unfortunate that repairing and maintaining the Nature Trail is not practical, the HOA will not be burdened with the obligation to maintain the trail in the future as the land will be preserved as open space alongside the conservation area instead.