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Bayside December Founder Update

Dear Bayside Community Homeowner,

We hope you are enjoying the holiday season with family and friends. Please see below for the monthly Founder updates:

Coastal Crossing 
All single family homesites have been sold in Coastal Crossing, and seven villas remain. For all sales inquires before January 10th, please contact Grace Hoinowski at [email protected]. After January 10th, Natalie Hay can be reached at [email protected].

Coastal Crossing was included in the original Bayside Master Plan. The progress of this residential area was paused for more than fifteen years to accommodate substantial growth in the bald eagle population. Throughout this period, we collaborated closely with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services to ensure that our permits align with established guidelines. Under the guidance of an Eagle Incidental Take Permit, the USFWS authorized the construction of Coastal Crossing Phase 2 to move forward in 2022.

Construction and time of year restrictions are in place to minimize the disturbance of the eagle nest and its occupants. The project is being developed in accordance with that approved plan. Work permitted outside of the nesting season (December 15 – June 30) such as road construction and building starts as allowed was completed as of December 14, 2023. No new building starts are permitted until July 1, 2024. Construction activity, which is allowed under the permit, within Coastal Crossing Phase 2 will be minimal until July 1, 2024.

An eagle pair has been observed using the nest site and the nest will be monitored over the upcoming breeding season.

Bayside Corner
The Beebe Primary Care Selbyville is officially open at Bayside Corner. The operation hours are Monday to Friday, 8:00am - 4:30pm. Appointments are required. To make an appointment call 302-291-6045. To learn more about booking an appointment, click here. The grand opening will be on Tuesday, January 9th at 3:30pm. Beebe asks that you click on the link to RSVP. 

The Fassett House Inn & Spa
The Beacon Hospitality team was onsite last week to look over The Fassett Inn & Spa site to make improvements, as there was unanticipated delays in construction. Click here to receive updates from their team.

We wish you a happy and healthy start to the New Year!

Live Bayside,
Carl M. Freeman Companies

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