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Bayside June Founder Update

Dear Bayside Community Homeowner,

We are checking in this month to let you know about some exciting things happening in Bayside.

REMINDER: Best Practices - HOA Transition Training Session

Join us for an informative training session on Thursday, June 27, 2024 from 10AM-12 PM. Margey Meyers, President of CADRExperts (Community Association Dispute Resolution Experts), will lead the training session and explore the complexities of HOA Transition, shedding light on what it means for homeowners. Transition is a vital process for every community that gradually transfers control of a community association from the developer to homeowner members over a period of many years.

We hope you can join us on Thursday, June 27, 2024. The Training Session will be held in-person at Signature’s in Bayside and online via Zoom. You can register to attend through the online Calendar. When registering, please let us know if you will be attending in-person or via Zoom so that we can send you the Zoom link.

Transition Update

We are near the completion of transitioning Bayside from a Founder-controlled Board to a Resident-controlled Board by year-end. To provide clarity and insight into the roles and responsibilities within Bayside, we're sharing our organizational chart here.

Additionally, during recent discussions between resident-elected board members ("Williams/Chun") and representatives from Carl M. Freeman Companies, several key topics were addressed, including the Independent Transition Committee ("ITC"), HOA/Commons Capital Reserve Short Funding, and Request to Amend Certain Provisions of the Charter/By-Laws.

Regarding the ITC, Williams/Chun expressed concerns about their authority to negotiate transition matters. The Carl M. Freeman Team believes the decision on the ITC is a Board matter but continued discussions between the parties can be productive without an ITC if both parties cooperate in good faith.

On the funding shortfall in the HOA/Commons Capital Reserve program, Williams/Chun highlighted the need for maintaining a 3–4-month Operating Budget reserve and addressing financial equity concerns. The Carl M. Freeman Team addressed the concerns about operating reserves, stating they are actively reviewing the request along with independent third party best practice guidelines to ensure the community remains well funded.

The discussion on Charter/By-Law changes involved Williams/Chun proposing amendments, while the Carl M. Freeman Team emphasized the importance of maintaining consistency in the governance of the community to meet the expectations set when owners join the community, as well as to preserve the community’s legacy and reputation. They underscored the significance of maintaining the community to the standards envisioned by Carl M. Freeman Companies and stressed that Charter/By-Law changes should be approached cautiously.

The Carl M. Freeman Team remains dedicated to the ongoing Bayside transition that started years ago. As we progress through the final stages of this transition, we maintain a collaborative approach with Williams/Chun, ensuring that we uphold the community's values and standards throughout the process.

Bayside Sales 

We are pleased to announce that only 3 villas remain for sale in Coastal Crossing. For all sales inquiries, please contact Natalie Hay at [email protected].


We are nearing completion of our final sales within Bayside. Construction and time of year restrictions are in place to minimize the disturbance of the eagle nest and its occupants. The project is being developed in accordance with that approved plan. Work permitted outside of the nesting season (December 15 – June 30) such as road construction and building starts as allowed was completed as of December 14, 2023. Construction will begin again on July 1st and we look forward to welcoming our final residents by year end.

The Fassett House Inn & Spa 

The Beacon Hospitality team was onsite last week to review The Fassett Inn & Spa site and to clean the site. There have been unanticipated delays in construction, to stay updated please click here to receive updates from their team.


Carl M. Freeman Companies Honored for Conservation Stewardship 

Carl M. Freeman Companies has recently been honored with the 2024 Developer Award by the Sussex Conservation District for their remarkable environmental design efforts at Tower Hill in Lewes, Delaware. This award recognizes their dedication to sustainable development practices and innovative conservation initiatives. Tower Hill, a groundbreaking project in Sussex County, features expansive native wildflower meadows spanning nearly 30 acres during its construction phase, marking a significant achievement for the region. Through collaborations with the Sussex Conservation District and the University of Delaware, Carl M. Freeman Companies has promoted the myriad benefits of native meadows, including enhanced water quality, soil stability, biodiversity preservation, and reduced runoff. Michelle Freeman, CEO of Carl M. Freeman Companies, expressed pride in being the pioneer developer in Sussex County to implement extensive native plantings and wildflower meadows, showcasing a strong commitment to environmental stewardship and a balanced approach to development that prioritizes sustainability for future generations.


Additionally, the Institute at Tower Hill plays a crucial role in advancing environmental education, offering programs that highlight the advantages of native meadows and their critical role in supporting pollinators. Despite not being mandated by Delaware's Sediment and Stormwater Regulation, Carl M. Freeman Companies proactively opted for native grasses and plants over traditional turf-grass, recognizing the significant ecological benefits. Jessica Watson, sediment and stormwater program manager at Sussex Conservation District, praised Tower Hill's comprehensive conservation strategy, noting its positive impact on water quality and local ecosystems. The project serves as a model for sustainable development, setting a high standard for future community designs not only in Sussex County but also beyond.


For more details on Carl M. Freeman Companies' Developer Award and Tower Hill's environmental initiatives, you can read the full article here.

For continued updates and information regarding the HOA Transition, we encourage everyone to stay informed by following the Founder's Updates.

We will continue to keep you updated as we work through the process.

Live Bayside,

Carl M. Freeman Companies

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